openD unified API  1.0.0


This project is the open source openD framework. The purpose of this project is to provide a framework which defines a unified API for DECT and Ultra Low Energy (ULE) DECT fixed and portable part devices designed to support various hardware platforms. The idea of the openD framework is to make the DECT and ULE technology available to enable a fast and easy development of DECT and ULE devices. The framework provides sample codes, tutorials and documentation.

This documentation is contains the definition and specification of the openD API. It also contains a description of the overall architecture of the framework and a definition of the protocol which is used to control especially the fixed part over UDP. Please refer to:


The source code and all related information are available on GitHub:

OpenD on GitHub

OpenD Community

The openD community is the place where you can find all information around DECT ULE and the openD framework. It is the place where developers come together to discuss DECT ULE and openD related topics and to exchange information and know-how. You will also find much more:

  • News and events about openD and DECT ULE
  • General information regarding the openD project
  • Information about manufacturers and supported hardware
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Live chat

The openD community website is currently under construction and will be published soon.

Further Information

For more information about the DECT ULE technology, please also visit the ULE Alliance:

ULE Alliance

or the DECT Forum:

DECT Forum


This project can be licensed under Apache 2.0 or GPLv2.